About us

Since 1994, Buddha Raksa has been serving quality Thai cuisine in a friendly environment. Over the years, the restaurant has expanded in size, staff, experience, and heart.

For almost as long, the humble hosts of your favourite Thai restaurant have repeatedly returned home to Thailand. Each time, they developed their knowledge of Thai foods and brought back new recipes to share.

At Buddha Raksa, not only do we use quality ingredients, but also genuine Thai herbs and spices to enhance authentic flavours, making any meal a memorable experience.

You do not need to be a lover of hot foods to eat at Buddha Raksa. We understand that our customers have varying tastes. If you prefer any of our dishes to be hotter or milder, or have any other alteration requests, please do not hesitate as we will be more than happy to accommodate to your requests.

Buddha Raksa also blends in a touch of western culture to cater for the tastes of Australia, creating innovative and exciting dishes, including the introduction of fine coffees and teas.